Landscape architecture is a point of view; it is a way of rediscovering the environment in which we live in.

Landscape architecture stems from our unique view of nature and the environment. It is born out of our constant reexamining of our knowledge, the way we formulate our ideas, and is created from the things that inspire us and cause us to act.

High quality relevant landscape architecture stems from a thorough understanding of the ways in which people interact with the environment. Therefore, our work focuses on creating rich and dynamic landscapes strengthening the connection between people and the environment. By balancing between social needs and cultural identity we re-create connections between communities and the environment. We are constantly engaged  in innovating our design processes and adapting them to the complexity of our projects.

We view our role as trustees of the public interest, creating an integrated environment that allows for a variety of uses that meet the needs of the public. We believe that successful projects adequately address these needs regardless of budget, scale or scope. This approach allows us to use design as a catalyst for change that greatly influences the worldview of institutions and the public.

Amir Mueller Landscape Architects Ltd. was founded in 2000 to provide multi-disciplinary solution to landscape architecture and environmental design. The firm specializes in integrating ecological processes and analysis in planning and landscape architecture. We apply innovative, practical and advanced thinking to each project. The office has extensive experience in the design of complex sites in Israel and abroad.